What if we could leverage all aspects of production to generate social good?



The CHAMALiiN Project began in 2016 as a social enterprise to provide safe, sustainable, and ethical livelihood opportunities for vulnerable women in Bangkok. The project is founded upon our core principles of sustainability, empowerment and transparency.


CHAMALiiN evaluates each link in the supply chain and goes to the source to craft high-quality, sustainably produced raw materials into innovative creations. This philosophy is embedded in every aspect of our process—from the fair labor standards we employ to the connections we build with communities in our networks. Click here to learn more.


A Community, EMPowered

At CHAMALiiN, we use a community first approach. We carefully consider the resources available to each community in order to use those resources effectively. Our goal is to build a strong network of women who can support and protect one another and provide financial support for their community. 


Transparent Pricing

CHAMALiiN strives to be as open about our costs as possible. We sell our goods at their true cost, and for each product that we sell, we offer a cost breakdown detailing each step in the production process. No profit is made — 100% of revenues are reinvested to provide income, materials, and equipment to our artisans. Click here to learn more.

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