Women of CHAMALiiN: Meet Choo

August 15, 2017




Take a peek into the world of these empowered women to learn more about their culture, passions, aspirations, and the path they are on to making CHAMALiiN a brand that prides itself in diversity.



This month we meet Choo, a wonderfully talented individual with an infectious gold-toothed smile.


“I’ve been with Chamaliin for 2 months. I feel it is an amazing thing for those of us women who cannot work or find work so we could help our family. When I first started, it was quite difficult, but eventually I got used to the work and it’s not as difficult anymore. After breakfast and cleaning the house, I start the [embroidery work]. I use the money [received] to buy food for my family and send my children to school.”




Her beautiful works can be found on our classic embroidered pocket tees and on our handmade pouches. Take a look on your tag and see if her creative hands made your CHAMALiiN product!

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