We start each of our handcrafted goods with ethically sourced raw materials, ensuring the best quality and standards.

Our Fabrics

We personally choose our fabrics at different locally sourced shops at fair prices to empower small businesses and strengthen our local economy. Our raw fabrics are individually quality-tested and made to last for many years to come.

Our Raw Materials

We purchase the raw materials from embroidery threads to zippers from our local crafts retailers. Our personalized sourcing process ensures that every CHAMALiiN product is made with the highest quality materials.

Our T-Shirts

Our shirts are sourced from our retailer that confidently produces durable, top-quality, 100% cotton t-shirts. Through their specific techniques of polishing cloth, the shirts are incredibly soft while being made to last for a very long time. Learn more about them here.

Our Notebooks

We source our notebooks from a local paper factory. Together we have designed the notebooks to ensure their durability and sustainability, while making sure that the production methods are ethical. All our notebooks are produced with 100% recycled paper. 

Our Leather

We work together with a local, family run leather shop to source top export quality leather. Making sure to sure to use every inch of leather in all our product to reduce waste is one of our priorities. 

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